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In these times of difficulty, poetry helps to open the heart, imagine the world differently, and plumb the depths of our being. The biggest danger to most of us is that our hearts close up against the constant onslaught of news. War, fear, disasters, shootings… they can form a shell around the real pearl. But we need to pearl to live! I write poetry to soothe, to open, to see with clarity, and to know the heart. Please join me. I hope you will enjoy. Subscriptions are free.

Robert Bly insisted that poets participate in the national debate because poets are needed to take that debate into the heart. Such is the aim of my work. Love poems, political poems, nature poems, reflective poems, and soul poems. These pieces are meant to spruce up your day. Join us!

I served as Poetry Editor for Holy Cow! Press and as Editor of Inroads: Men, Creativity, Soul. I also co-edited Rooster Crows at Light from the Bombing: Poems and Essays on the Gulf War—one of the few literary responses to George H. W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq. I’ve been writing poems since the 1980s, mostly in private. But the world calls us forth, so I offer my work now.